Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review - Desire Unmatched by Lynne Silver!


If you like Rebecca Zanetti’s military romantic suspense, you’ll love the Coded for Love series by Lynne Silver! 

The Program: an organization of elite soldiers with superior strength, agility, and intellect. These men put their lives on the line to execute the government’s most dangerous missions. 

As the Program’s coldest and most lethal soldier, Xander Bristack knows love is beyond his reach. He’s bad news for any woman. But when he’s kidnapped by terrorists and thrown into a dungeon to rot, he’s haunted by passionate thoughts of one beautiful blonde. All Xander wants is one night with Emma Harrison, and he’ll fight his way out of the terrorists’ grasp to get it. 

A former kidnapping victim herself, Emma knows firsthand the trauma Xander must have endured, and she refuses to leave his side when he returns to the Program battered and broken. Emma’s convinced her love will help heal Xander, and she won’t settle for just one night together to prove it. As he pushes her away, refusing to open his heart to her, Emma’s determined to show Xander that she wants him forever, for better or worse, because she knows that under his deadly exterior is the heart of a hero. 


Sizzling, sexy, edgy, the fourth book in Lynne Silver's Coded For Love series, Desire Unmatched, will leave you on the edge, constantly. Xander is HOT HOT HOT and downright stubborn, fighting his feelings for Emma. And Emma, after being kidnapped, I expected her to be meek and shy, but instead, when she knows Xander is her match, she goes full force to convince and seduce him. 

These two were well matched indeed. They fit, like perfect puzzle pieces and their chemistry was off the charts HOT. I loved the danger and anticipation in the story too. It really is similar to Rebecca Zanetti's military suspense series and is just as good. Truly wonderful!

Desire Unmatched gets a WONDERFULLY SEXY FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Yummy, sizzling, Desire Unmatched will amaze you!

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