Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review - Kiss Me That Way by Laura Trentham!


A river divides Cottonbloom in two: the upscale enclave on the Mississippi side and the rundown, rough and tumble side in Louisiana. They’re worlds apart—but nothing can build a bridge like love…

Cade Fournette never had it easy Cottonbloom. He stuck around long enough to raise his orphaned siblings and then hightailed it out West—and never looked back. Even though he’s made a success of himself in Seattle, Cade never lost the toughness and the angry edge that helped him survive down South. His only weak spot: the girl he left behind…

Monroe Kirby came from the wealthy side of town, but that didn’t protect her from her mother’s drinking—or her mother’s boyfriend. It was Cade who did that, on a long-ago hot September night, before he disappeared…along with a piece of her heart. Now Monroe is a physical therapist who can fight for herself, and it’s Cade who could use some conditioning when he makes an unexpected return back home. Will he and Monroe pick up where they left off and finally explore their mutual passion—or will the scars and secrets of the past divide them once more? 


Sweet, succulent, all-consuming, Kiss Me That Way just took my breath away and was the sweetest book I have read in a while. I loved the chemistry between Monroe and Cade. These two came from two different backgrounds but they were made for each other.

The story line was and is addicting. A young damsel in distress meets a rough young man who couldn't turn away. OMG, just beautiful and wonderful! I loved this book from the start to finish.  Laura Trentham did a fabulous job of writing a story with different characters that will have you eager to learn more about them and just generally falling in love with them. 


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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome review! I'm totally quoting you for my website:) Hope you'll check out the next two Cottonbloom books:)