Friday, May 27, 2016

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PROTECTING HIS OWN- Masters of the Shadowlands

Landscape designer, Beth King survived an abusive husband and built a new life for herself with the help of Master Nolan, the strongest, most protective man she has ever known. She loves him with all her heart, but the one thing he wants, she can’t give him. To her grief, the damage from her abusive first marriage means she can’t bear him children.

As Beth and Nolan change their plans and pursue adoption, they're already imagining a baby girl in the nursery. But when two boys from the local domestic violence shelter see their mother taken to the hospital, they call Beth in a panic. Agreeing to care for them temporarily, Beth soon falls in love with the two adorable boys.

Now Master Nolan has a new problem. How can he protect the children when their drug-addicted mother is released—and how the hell can he keep his sweet submissive’s heart from being broken when they leave?


I LOOOOOVED reading a book with more Beth and Nolan! And to see Beth so strong, beautiful, kind, and exceedingly brave is fantastic. Nolan is still the sexy, dominant, protective Dom we know and love but this time, he is determined to love and protect and bring together a family.

This story had me in tears...A LOT! So many feels in one story, especially one from one of our favorite Shadowland couple was something I wasn't expecting but treasured with every fiber of my being. The story is powerfully sweet and absolutely touching with our sexy protective and caring Dom and strong-willed, just-as-protective submissive. OMG, to say I loved watching these two get a family and the way they interacted with some kids that really needed love and affection, is putting it mildly! I had no idea the lovely Sinclair could write such a beautifully, touching, lip-biting story that could have my feelings so up and down. And yet, Miss Sinclair still managed to get some powerful, sexy, edgy, dominant scenes that we all expect and love from a Masters of the Shadowlands book. I actually think, this book tops most of her previous books. Mainly because it was more intense, and centered so much around children and family. This is just simply put, an absolute treasure!

Protecting His Own gets a FIRM BUT TOUCHING, FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This book will leave your emotions in every which way and back again! You will truly adore this book. A DEFINITE MUST HAVE NOW BOOK.

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