Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review - Knight In Leather by Holly Trent!


The second installment of Holley Trent's sexy, snarky, fairy fantasy romance series.

Dasha Maurice isn’t in the market for a serious relationship, much less one with one of the leather-wearing fairies residing at her best friend’s beach motel. Sure, Ethan Gotch is built like a linebacker and tongue-numbingly sexy, but he’s also a smidge intense and has a pesky ex who insists he’s her fated mate.

He’s not. He’s Dasha’s.

Being the only human in the fairy clique makes Dasha the perfect little soldier to play messenger in the fairy realm. She can’t be detected by raging Queen Rhiannon’s magic, and can help pull more oppressed Sídhe to freedom. The realm is collapsing and the people need a way out.

When Ethan’s ex pulls a stunt causing Dasha to get stuck in the realm, she starts to believe she was right keeping her distance from the fairy, but that’s the least of her concerns. If Dasha can’t accept what it means to be the mate of a shapeshifting fairy knight and work a little magic of her own, the two may never make it home alive.


Ok, I have to admit, this was a fun, sassy, sexy read! I loved the characters. Sasha and Ethan are absolutely fabulous together. They have that passion that sparks and is very heated. And there is just the right amount of wit and snark that just has you giggling and fanning yourself. This is definitely a memorable book!

Have I mentioned the sex? Well, it is combustible and sexy as can be. This truly is a fun fantasy book that will leave a reader with a smile. I give this book a SASSY FOUR SHOOTING STARS!!

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