Thursday, October 20, 2016

ARC Review - Falling In Paris by Fifi Flowers!


For years, bookstore owner, Émile Capet, lived his life simply... carefully guided by a family curse. Happy in his book world. 

With the request for a certain rare book, he begins to question why someone would be fascinated by paved stones. How could they be considered romantic? To him, they were often dangerous. His conclusion is confirmed when he finds himself rescuing a beautiful woman sprawled out on a cobblestone sidewalk. 

However, this emotionally guarded hero may change his opinion and his lifestyle once he gets to know the injured woman who just so happens to possess a special edition of the much sought after Romancing the Cobblestone book. 

Avril Paulson, a book collector, owns an online book business which allows her to experience life as, what she calls, a book gypsy. She hasn’t lived in one location for several years, loving the thrill of new adventures. Staying at a client’s apartment in Paris, she finds herself being rescued by a gorgeous Frenchman after tumbling over cobblestones. 

Ironically, the two begin an awkward dance of the unknown, contemplating the same question… Cobblestone: dangerous or romantic 

Could it be that it is a little bit of both?

Falling In Paris is magnificently romantic and sweet as all get out! I am always intrigued and AMAZED with Fifi Flowers descriptions. I always feel like I am standing in Paris smelling the smells and seeing the sights. And the romance...WOW! This story may very well be my favorite so far. I love Avril and Emile are truly a superb couple. I really enjoyed watching these two come together in a romance that was very appealing and almost irresistible. 

Falling In Paris will have you falling for the author and her great work. Miss Flowers style of writing is truly great. I enjoy getting to know her characters and falling in love with Paris! She truly brings the romance right in the most romantic place in the world.

Falling In Paris gets a UNFORGETTABLE FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It was breathtaking, touching, sweet, and it sizzled all at once. I freaking LOVE PARIS!

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