Thursday, October 27, 2016

ARC Review - Worth The Wait by K.M. Neuhold!



I have issues. Like, serious, major issues. And, the last thing I want or need is a man in my life to make things more complicated. Unfortunately for me my roommates drop dead gorgeous brother seems hell bent on seducing me. And, what’s worse is that he’s kind of the perfect guy. Resisting him just might kill me.


I don’t do relationships. I prefer to keep things casual, and I’m always up front with women so that no one ever gets hurt. But, my sister’s new roommate…yeah I might have a small obsession. What the hell is a guy supposed to do though when he meets a woman who is not only beautiful but also feisty, fun, and way into nerd culture? I may be doomed.

I found myself a new series to love right here with Sexy Nerd Boys by K.M. Neuhold! Worth The Wait was splendidly fun and sexy and sweet! And the nerd talk...AWESOME! I really liked Ethan and Abby. They fit together like two puzzle pieces and I loved every moment of the hard times, the good times, the sexy times, and the fun times. I giggled, I sighed, I fell in love and I couldn't ask for a better story and I am left VERY excited about continuing the series.

This is one of those stories that capture you attention right away. I loved the simple plot. And the characters were charming and I had fun getting to know them. The writing was great! It did not take me long at all to get through the book and I can't say one bad thing about it because it appealed to my inner romantic in every way! 

Worth The Wait gets a DELICIOUSLY ENTERTAINING FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Its fun, its brilliant, its sexy and sweet and just perfect. I HIGHLY...HIGHLY suggest you grab up this book...heck I am just getting started with this series and I still HIGHLY suggest this series!

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