Monday, October 31, 2016

ARC Review - SEAL of Protection Box set 1 by Susan Stoker!


Get the first three books in the SEAL of Protection Series (plus the bonus novella, Marrying Caroline) in a convenient low-priced package today. Over 600+ pages for suspense and hot Navy SEALs. 

BONUS--Read the first chapter of Protecting the Future (the 8th and Final book in the series) 

Book 1: Protecting Caroline 
Find out how the NYT Bestselling Series got started. Caroline gets on a plane and never expects it to change her life...after helping to save the lives of everyone on board, she spends a few days with the Navy SEAL who was beside her every step of the way. 
Now the terrorists are after her...will Wolf and his team make it back to save her life? 

Book 2: Protecting Alabama: 
Abe meets the woman of his dreams in the middle of a raging fire. Alabama is damaged from her horrible childhood. See how Abe woos the woman for him and then how he screws it up. Can Alabama get past what Abe did? Can Abe make amends to Alabama? 

Book 3: Protecting Fiona: 
Fiona has been rescued after being kidnapped and held in Mexico. The SEAL team, with Hunter, AKA “Cookie” rescues her and brings her back to the States. She has some healing to do, and even though she's free, sometimes that isn't enough to keep the demons at bay. 

Book 3.5, Marrying Caroline (novella): 
Caroline and Wolf had a wild start to their relationship…plane hijacking, kidnapping, attempted drowning, and a terrorist plot foiled. Now things have calmed down and a wedding is in the works for the couple. By enlisting the help of Wolf’s teammate, Cookie, Caroline is immersed in plans for her dream wedding. 
Of course, with their luck, things can never go off without a hitch. 


Susan Stoker AMAZES me with her incredible suspense romance stories, especially with her SEALS of Protection series. This boxset contains the first three and a half stories in the series: Protecting Caroline, Protecting Alabama, and Protecting Fiona as well as the novella, Marrying Caroline. Each book is intense and had me both crying and falling in love with each of the heroes in the books. These are the type of books that will rip you apart and put you back together again surrounded by SEALS that really know how to treat a woman. Even when they mess up, they know just how to fix and mend things. 

The heroines were SO incredibly brave and strong and passionate. They each were innocent in their own ways but I am telling you, you want heroines that are just as tough yet sweet like the heroes, you get them EVERY TIME with Susan Stoker's SEALS of Protection books! I am 100% addicted and LOVED each book. Each one is better then the last and I honestly can't believe I waited this long to read them. These books had my emotions flying everywhere and the action and danger and suspense is perfectly intertwined with the sweet passion and perfect romance. 

This SEALS of Protection Box set 1, gets a HEART-MELTING, HAVE-YOU-ON-THE-EDGE FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Each story is brilliantly written and you will be hooked too. One of the BEST Suspense-romances out there!

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