Monday, October 10, 2016

ARC Reviews - Cherry Popper and Panty Dropper by Jade Sinner!


My best friend’s little sister. That’s all Emma Briggs is to me. 
I keep trying to convince myself that statement is true but it’s a lie. 

It’s her face I see every time I close my eyes. 
It’s her touch I yearn to feel. 
It’s her lips I long to kiss. 
It’s her cherry I want to pop. 

We were separated by time and distance, but now she’s back in my life. And everything has changed. 
Every. Thing. 

She’s no longer that kid tagging along behind me. The special bond I’ve shared with her—for as long as I can remember—has become something so different. Something so forbidden. Something so hot. 

Desire is telling me to do it—to pop her cherry. It would be so easy to give in and take her because she'll feel so good. 

My best friend’s little sister is all grown up. And I want her. 
She. Will. Be. Mine. 


Cherry Popper by Jade Sinner will definitely make you feel all hot and bothered. I am really in love with these characters too. They have such fiery chemistry together and for another short story, I was really impressed with how much heat and romance Miss Sinner can add to this story.

This was breathtaking and had me squirming in my seat. A quick delicious read that had my mouth watering and me needing a change of panties, I am definitely loving it!

Cherry Popper gets a WICKEDLY GOOD FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Its hot, sexy, and entertaining...definitely a quickie that you will enjoy!


A one-night stand. That’s all Ashlyn Shepherd is to me. 
I’ve spent the last five years trying to convince myself that statement is true. 
But saying it doesn’t make it so. 

She’s the one who slipped away in the middle of the night. The one who—after only one night together—took my heart when she left. Literally, she’s the one who got away. 

I hate the way she consumes my every thought, even after all this time. 
I hate the way I dream of her every night. 
I hate the way I look for her in every crowd. 
But mostly I hate how I can’t forget her. Not even a little bit. 

We were separated by cruel circumstances and now fate has returned her to me. But everything has changed. She isn’t that carefree girl I met five years ago. 

I see so much pain behind her eyes. So much uncertainty. But one thing remains unchanged. 
I still want her. 

She. Will. Be. Mine. 


Now here is a quick read that had a touch of melancholy to it..well at first. Then it switched to hot and fun with some serious smutty scenes that had my face burning and my body hot! I seem to devour Jade Sinner's stories fast and each time, I am left wanting more. Panty Dropper really had me quite hot and achy. I loved the quick romance, the steamy sex, and the fun banter. 

Jade Sinner is a WINNER when it comes to steamy and entertaining short stories! She knows exactly what readers want and she delivers...100% satisfaction GUARANTEED! I can't wait to see what else she has coming.

Panty Dropper gets a SMOKING HOT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I love a book that can make me hot and bothered in less then 20 minutes, and Jade Sinner delivered.

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