Wednesday, October 19, 2016

ARC Review - Last Chance Lullaby by Donna Alward!



When country star Tyler Davis comes home to St. Helena, the last person he expects to meet is his four year old son, Jake—the result of one night of passion with his high school sweetheart. Maria’s the one woman he’s never forgotten—and the fire between them burns as hot as ever. 

Maria’s never wanted a now-and-again father for her son, and Tyler’s habit of walking away has forced her to keep Jake’s existence a secret. Now that the secret’s out, they need to make peace with the past so they can be the parents that Jake needs. 

But when making peace turns into falling for each other all over again, Tyler has to ask himself: is this his last chance to have a life with the woman he loves? 


A sweet novella that had my heart melting, my knees weak and left me one very happy woman! Tyler and Maria are such a wonderfully beautiful couple. And their son...what a sweetie! I never thought I would picture a country singer becoming a part of St. Helena but I was definitely pleasantly surprised when Donna Alward pulled off beautifully!

Tyler fit in wonderfully with the St. Helena crew. Him and Maria were a match made in heaven in my opinion and there story was touching and sweet and full of delicious electricity.

Last Chance Lullaby gets a SWEETLY ADDICTIVE FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This novella has a bit of everything and will have your heart thumping with love and awe. 

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