Saturday, October 22, 2016

ARC Review - Travesty by Carrie Thomas!


Waking up in a house she doesn’t recognize, sixteen-year-old, Sophia Sawyer, tries not to let the blankness of her mind terrorize her from the inside out. How can she not know who she is? How has she ended up chained in a basement? Trying to work through her fear, she sets her sights on escaping. When an opportunity arises, she puts her trust in a boy she doesn’t know, praying he will save her life.

At age four, Abram Scott learned life owes him nothing, while fourteen taught him how to throw a punch—and take one. Seventeen though… seventeen provides him with the best and worst year of his life. Before he is old enough to fight for his country, he will escape his own personal hell, save a life, live a lie, break the law, fall in love, betray that love… then lose it.

Letting Sophia go while not knowing if she will return, turns into the scariest decision Abram will ever make. But that’s the problem with living a lie; at some point, you have to decide which one is your truth.


A Young Adult romance that was a bit dark, a lot suspenseful, and had me on the edge constantly. I had no idea where things were going to go when I started reading it but I have to say, the story threw me for loop after loop. I really liked Abram and Sophia. I loved Abram. After going through a horrible childhood, he amazed me with the kind of character he had. He was strong, handsome, determined, sweet, and surprisingly caring. 

My heart pounded for Sophia. Kidnapped, not remembering who she is, getting beaten, she amazed me with her inner strength and the trust she put in the boy that was determined to save her. I couldn't believe the many turns and twists and surprises this story had. I couldn't pin point what was going to happen and it was thrilling and exciting. This is the first book I read by Carrie Thomas but I already know I want to keep out for more books by her because she amazed me with her writing. I truly enjoyed this story and am so glad to have read it.

Travesty gets a BRILLIANT FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! It had my emotions all over the place and it was truly exhilarating! A DEFINITE MUST READ BOOK!

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