Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review - Plumb Crazy About You by Pamela Gibson!


Resisting the rival… 

Cassie Larkin expects to buy Plumb Crazy, St. Helena’s civil engineering firm, when her boss retires. She needs to prove to her family she can be as successful and independent as her super model sister. 

But Cassie isn’t the only one who wants the business. Worse, her rival is an experienced engineer who looks as scrumptious as one of the town’s famous éclairs and he’s already saved her from a dangerous snake. 

Nick Sebastian needs to leave his father’s mega firm and prove he can make it on his own. But he’s already in trouble. His rival for the business is a wiz with a transit, knows everyone in town, and has already brought out his protective instincts along with a few baser ones. 

As their showdown looms, each must decide where love fits into the plan because winning just might prove to be as sour as spoiled wine. 


A fun, sexy rivalry that was pure enjoyment and yet seductive at the same time. Cassie and Nick had such a sizzling chemistry. I could practically feel it on my arms as I turned the pages. I enjoyed their banter and their romance had my heart sighing in pleasure.

This novella by Pamela Gibson won me over in 2.0 seconds. The writing was fun and spicy and sweet all at once. I can't believe how disappointed and yet happy I was when it ended. Disappointed because I wanted the story to go on longer, and happy because I absolutely loved the Happily Ever After! These St. Helena Vineyard novellas are so much fun to read! 

Plumb Crazy About You gets a SWEET AND SUCCULENT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Pamela Gibson did a spectacular job with the characters and plot. 

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