Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ARC Review - Sneaking Up On Love by Stephanie St. Klaire!


Molly Sexton will stop at nothing until she lives out her fairy-tale. A romance worthy of one of the novels in her bookstore, and she’s certain she’ll find it in St. Helena. Why not? Her parents did. 

Sexy St. Helena firefighter, Seth Spangler has his sights on the new girl. He spends much of his free time as a regular customer at Reading Grounds, Molly’s bookstore, trying to muster up the courage to ask her out. She leaves him absolutely smitten and completely speechless at every turn while he builds a handsome book collection instead. But when the town’s cranky old busy body sets her sights on the two not-quite love birds, she posts a barrage of twisted truths on Facebook. The duo quickly finds themselves in a precarious situation…where their relationship is the talk of the town. 

Alliances are formed, sleuthing commences, and secrets unveil. Can Seth and Molly beat the old lady’s grapevine of gossip and find a happily ever after, or will there be one too many jokes on them to see it through? 


Laugh out loud fun, chemistry that is hot and electric, and a story that is perfectly sweet. This story is unique and entertaining. Stephanie St. Klaire did a wonderful job with this novella. She has her brand of writing and characters but she melded them perfectly with St. Helena that I couldn't help but to be enchanted and content as I was reading.

Seth and Molly sizzle together. I felt my ereader heat up whenever they came together. I even loved the busy body that seemed to have caused them some trouble. Heck, it was her that really started the ball rolling with these two love birds and I loved every minute of the trouble and love that came of it. Wonderful!

Sneaking Up On Love gets a PLEASING AND SNEAKY FOUR AND A HALF STARS! Its sweet, its fun, its full of surprises and sweet tasting love.

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