Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ARC Review - Picture This by T.M. Cromer!


Hope Fiore is happy with her existing life in the small town of St. Helena, CA. Sure, she might be a little lonely, but she doesn’t have time for romance. Even if she did, with the Fiore Curse in play, she recognizes that she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades of ever having a successful relationship. 

Enter Royce Anderson. A New Yorker with a charming smile and a playboy attitude. After only one day in town, he’s run afoul of the Fiore family and had nothing but bad luck. However, he’s helpless to resist his attraction to Hope. 

Hope and Royce embark on a romance, knowing it can only be temporary. Yet, as things heat up and emotions run high, they start to think it might be possible to be the first to overcome love’s curse in the Fiore family’s history.


A fun romance featuring a woman with a curse and a sexy playboy who is all about showing her that love can break ANY curse! I giggled a lot with this novella and I may have swooned a few times too. I fell for Royce and Hope was such a great heroine. Their romance was sweet, fun, and truly entertaining.

Picture This may be one of my FAVORITES in these St. Helena Vineyards Kindle World novellas. Royce and Hope are just pure sensational characters with the kind of chemistry that is both energizing and sexy and full of hope and the kind of love that can mend anything. God I loved this!

Picture This gets a SPECTACULAR FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its beautiful and absolutely fun with one sexy man and a hell of a great woman. T.M. Cromer, you got yourself a new fan!

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