Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ARC Review - Safe In His Arms by Lori Mack!


Everyone in St. Helena knows Jenna Sheridan is as level-headed as they come. She’s the most well-respected and highly sought after accountant for many of the top businesses in the Valley. But, when Jenna insists her aunt was murdered, the facts don’t add up. She’s content to investigate her aunt’s death with the help of her roommate and best friend, Anna, until the only man she’s ever loved reappears in her life and she’s forced into letting him help her. Is he helping her find the truth or is he helping to keep a sixteen-year-old secret concealed? 

FBI Special Agent Mike Thomas does not like small towns where everyone knows your name, your business, and your shoe size. He’s been happily living anonymously in Los Angeles while chasing his dream of a big promotion and subsequent move to Washington DC, until Jenna’s aunt winds up dead. Was she killed to keep a secret from getting out, or did she just fall asleep on the treacherous winding road like everyone else believes? Seeing Jenna again messes with Mike’s plans, and when a series of attacks on her threatens to cut short their reunion, he has to decide if being loved in a small-town is better than being alone and anonymous in the big city. 


Now here is a different type of twist in St. Helena Vineyards. We have a bit of murder and mystery to solve as well as a heart-melting romance that had humming. I devoured each page in quick order and I was indeed very happy with the results of the story. 

Lori Mack is another new-to-me-author and I really will not be forgetting her anytime soon. She definitely has a new fan, thanks to this intriguing novella. I loved everything about the story: to the characters and heart-pounding plot, to the delicious suspense and romance.

Safe In His Arms gets a THRILLING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I am very eager to see where Lori Mack will take me next. 

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