Thursday, October 27, 2016

ARC Review - Prude by Jordan S Gray!


Rebecca Washington is a girl in control. Well, at least when it comes to acing her college classes. The rest of the time, she seems to be at the mercy of everyone else. Like when she’s dumped in front of her peers, hit on right afterwards by a jerk for some stupid bet, and then paired up with the same jerk for a lit project. 

In order to maintain her perfect GPA, Rebecca will need to give a stellar presentation while ignoring the prodding eyes that will be staring at her. When her partner, Derek, starts to ease her fears of public speaking with his laid back attitude, she’s forced to confront her new feelings about him and his charming smile. Rebecca knows falling for a guy who teases her for being a prudish nerd can only end badly, but what if it’s just another thing out of her control?


What a fun, outrageous, charming, arrogant, sexy read Prude was! I freaking hated Derek one moment and LOVED him the next and Rebecca, man, she was fun. I found this story to be completely charming and pure entertainment. It is the kind of romance that has me smiling and looking forward to the next page. 

I was instantly hooked on the story from chapter one and I can say I do NOT regret it! The passion and sexual tension between Derek and Rebecca sizzled and crackled with energy. And the banter was fun and sexy. Derek's arrogance had me charmed from the start and I can honestly say it did not take me long to fall in in love with him. 

I loved how the story was writing. The plot is entertaining and the cover is just too pretty for words. The characters were AMAZING and I LOVED getting to know them! I give Prude a OUTRAGEOUSLY FUN FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I finished reading this and I still can't stop smiling! PLEASE GIVE ME MORE!

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