Friday, October 7, 2016

Love They Neighbor by Kelly Moran (A Kindle World set in Marina Adair's St. Helena Series)


Ever since her parents died when she was a girl, Marina has called St. Helena home. It's quaint charm and beautiful vineyards soothe the loneliness inside, even if some of the residents are a little batty. But her giving nature and sizeable inheritance makes it hard to differentiate those who like her as a person from those that just want something. Except her sexy new neighbor. Josh Rossi wants nothing to do with her, and the constant banter is making her nuts. Then, a moment changes everything, shifting his cold shoulder into a hot kiss, leaving her to wonder if the bickering isn't his own form of foreplay.

Beauty, brains, and adorable babbling aside, Josh needs to get as far and fast away from Marina Atwater as he can. No matter how much he desires her, she is the kind of woman who wants forever. And he isn't the sticking sort. But as the quick remodel flip of his grandfather's old house progresses, so does his feelings for his lovely neighbor. Her quirky dog and the even quirkier town are growing on him, too. Never having a sense of family or a permanent place to call his own, how is he suppose to contemplate setting down roots when home isn't a possibility? Or is it?

A Kindle Worlds exclusive story set in Marina Adair's St. Helena Vineyard series.


A charming, fun, sweet addition to the St. Helena Vineyard series. I giggled  several times. I really liked Marina and Josh. They both are great characters and definitely fit perfectly in St. Helena. 

Short, sweet, funny, this book will have you teary-eyed, and smiling, and definitely have you giggle. It is SPECTACULAR. Love Thy Neighbor gets a DELICIOUSLY FUN FIVE SHOOTING STARS!!

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