Monday, October 10, 2016

Review - Love So Sweet by Kelsey Browning!


It was only supposed to be a weekend fling…

After the two steamy nights they spent together, Josie Jennings never wanted to see Trace Cowan again. After all, he’s from a prominent California wine family, and she’s spent her life trying to break free from Bitter Pecan, her dad’s failing Texas vineyard. Finally, her father has given Josie an out—discover the secret to Red Steel Cellar’s exclusive Reserve and he’ll never again ask her to inventory another case of subpar table wine. All she has to do is dupe the man she still dreams about at night.

…but he can’t leave a woman like her behind…

When pretty Josie—the woman who rocked his world during last year’s Texas Tasting Tour—walks into Red Steel’s tasting room, former Army Ranger Trace Cowan momentarily forgets his objective. Suddenly, earning his way back into his family’s wine business becomes a little less critical. But sweet talking Josie back into his bed—and his life—become Mission Imperative.

…unless he discovers she’s the true enemy.

When he finds out Josie’s less interested in his charms and more interested in his Cabernet, will Trace declare the mission a failure, or will he rescue his and Josie’s future?


A sensational romance with lots of delicious romance and plenty of fun! Kelsey Browning won me over with Josie and Tace. These two had an amazing chemistry that you felt right away and I enjoyed their time together. It was sweet, a bit sexy and loads of fun! 

Love So Sweet was a perfect little story that fit right in with the St. Helena Vineyards. The wine had my mouth-watering and the romance had my heart melting. This story made me very happy and had a big smile on my face. 

Love So Sweet gets a DELICIOUS FOUR AND A HALF STARS! Its sweet, tangy, and full of charm. 

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