Saturday, August 26, 2017

ARC Review - Beautiful Ink by S.L. Romines!


When Harlow Gentry re-opened the doors to Beautiful Ink with her six best friends she never would have thought that it would sustain as the hottest tattoo shop in town. Keeping up with the long list of clients, while trying to keep a shop full of needle-wielding, crazy women in check, makes for some serious late night therapy sessions with a bottle whiskey and a big bag of chocolate.

And as if Harlow’s plate wasn’t full enough, her life is thrown for a loop when a sexy inked up blast from her past stumbles back into her life. 

Slade Harrison, Vice President of Lucky Sinners MC, knows a thing or two about women. He likes em’ quiet, submissive, and easy to please. But when Harlow Gentry shows back up in his life his world is tilted on its axis. She’s like none of the women he’s ever had moan beneath him. Her fiery, independent attitude and sharp tongue was what had him intrigued all those years ago, and there’s nothing that is going to stop him from getting her back. 

Who will break first? 

All bets are on at Beautiful Ink…

Are you ready to place yours? 


Beautiful Ink by S.L. Romines is a heck of a entertaining ride! Characters full of spark, sass, with foul language spewing forth, you just can't help but to enjoy the attitude from them. Slade is a gorgeous bad boy who turns out to be dreamy, sexy, and determined (and who wouldn't love a man like that?) while Harlow is a bit leery, beautiful, sassy, and full of tude! When you put these two together you get sparks, flames, and HEAT! Along with all of this you get enough heart and a generally great story that is plenty HOT, steamy, and yea, fun! I am SO hooked on Miss Romines writing...her stories are full of awesomenss and I am kind of in love with them.

Beautiful Ink has a gorgeous cover a great plot, feisty characters, and a wonderfully appealing storyline. Its fun, HOT, and full of sparks, its no wonder this book gets great reviews.

Beautiful Ink gets a GIVE ME MORE OF THIS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its a heck of an amazing read.

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