Sunday, August 20, 2017

ARC Review - Mae Day by Anne Conley!


Her job may seem boring to most, but Mae gets a sense of satisfaction being behind the scenes and working to secure subpoenaed documents for law firms. The hot custodian isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. But when home-grown terrorists try to blow up her company, the quiet hottie’s lightning-fast reflexes take over, showing her a side of him she’s never seen.
Jason is a Marine trying to fit into his new civilian role. He doesn’t want to be anything more than a productive member of society, and maybe a little more to the woman who stays late every night. When he saves her, they realize there’s so much more to what they want than either of them realized.
When her life is endangered by a man who shouldn’t even be in their lives, Delta forces are called in to help. Jason has to find a way to get through this so she can be his forever.


A WONDERFULLY fitting story by Anne Conley in Susan Stoker's popular Kindle World series. I freaking Swooned, sighed, fell in love with Mae Day! Exciting, sexy, and oh so sweet, I just fell HARD for Jason and Mae. The story contains a few elements and characters from Miss Stoker's stories and a few from Anne Conley's Pierce Security series.

The fact we get some major, heart-pumping, adrenaline surging in chapter 1 was AWESOME! And its the kind of action that has a sexy hero rescuing his woman..oh yea, TOTAL SWOON WORTHY RIGHT THERE! Anne Conley writes wonderful stories and Mae Day contains EVERYTHING you love most. The characters are dreamy and perfectly developed and the plot is IRRESISTIBLE to me! I go for these types of stories and for me, I think Miss Conley BLEW it out of the water! I So want my own Jason!

Mae Day gets a SIZZLING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I LOVED this book and from the start I was HOOKED! Can I please get an encore?! 

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