Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hear Me Out Release Blitz with ARC Review!

Fear keeps the truth away from his brothers. Fear and pain keep him away from the man he loves.
Title: Hear Me Out
Author: Lila Rose
Series: Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter #5
Genre: MC M/M Romance
Editor: Hot Tree Editing
Release Date: August 8th

Hawks MC member Maddox “Beast” Lawson had a difficult time growing up. Tired of being ridiculed because of his effed-up brain-to-mouth connection, it was easier to say nothing at all. Living in silence worked out just fine until that b*tch called Fate took his hearing, not only that, but she also threw him into the arms of the man who refuses to acknowledge that one hot night they shared.

Jay Conger, Knife to his brothers, loves pussy. Licking, fingering, screwing, he’ll take it any way it’s offered. After one surprising night with Beast, to say he’s freaked out is an understatement. Hell, even bananas have taken on a new meaning, and thinking about a certain someone’s body is too much. Unable to think straight, Knife is at an impasse, not only with his traitorous desire but with his heart. 

Both lives are going to change. Only will it be for the better?


A sexy new romance from Lila Rose with a delicious M/M twist! I have been getting more and more into gay romance. I find that sometimes, that the romance is more sweet and compelling and even, way more sexy. In Lila Rose's Hear Me Out it DEFINITELY gets sexy and oh so hot with some edgy vibes and one hell of a plot twist. I loved how easy it was to love both Knife and Bear. Both these men were outrageously sinful and neither thought that they could be gay. But when an attraction starts to form between these two, let me tell you, things get steamy in a addicting way that made it nearly impossible to put this story down!

I don't read a lot of MC books but Lila Rose knows how to put GOOD...no GREAT romance in with her tough bikers. And with the M/M twist, I feel like the romance, and definitely the sex is just so much more scorching. This romance just ROCKED!

Hear Me Out gets a WHITE HOT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its unbelievably appealing.

They never knew, never suspected I was gay. Shit, I hid it well by taking women to my bed. I’d played up to my image so fucking well no one suspected a thing. From the way I was built, looked, I shouldn’t want to fuck some guy. Shouldn’t want to date, love, marry, have kids with a man.
But I did.
I wanted it all. But I wanted it with a man who’d freaked after what we’d done in a hotel room in Sydney. He freaked so much, he got on a plane before any of us and took off home. He hadn’t spoken to me since.
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I was born in Brisbane Australia, my step-dad was in the army which caused us to move around a lot. We finally settled in country Victoria, Australia. I am the youngest of four children and I can say that I was spoilt a bit. I drove my mum crazy when I refused to eat meat at a young age.

Now I live with my husband and two children, and I find myself regretting all the troubles I put my parents through because my monsters are just as picky as I was.

I started writing in 2013 and self-published the first of the Hawks MC Club series Holding Out. The next to follow was something different, I wrote Senseless Attraction, a YA novel. Soon, I was back to the Hawks series with number two Climbing Out. I have more to write in the series, but there will be also be more novels in the humorous erotica genre, like Left to Chance.

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