Thursday, August 31, 2017

ARC Review - Finding Memories by Becca Taylor!


Jeremy Slade has it all: a job he wouldn't trade for the world, a house he built with his own two hands, and the perfect woman who would become his wife. He always has plans drawn out, but life doesn't always follow along with them. Sometimes even the best constructed plans can change without warning. 

Jade Foxton does whatever she can to avoid being noticed. She is content to stay behind the camera, snapping photos of other people's memories. After watching all her friends find love, Jade realizes the only way she is going to meet a man is to step out from behind the lens and meet him face-to-face. 

Mutual friends and an assignment bring Jeremy and Jade together. What starts out as strictly professional soon develops into something unexpected. Keeping their relationship light is what the two of them decide, but life has a different idea in mind.


A memorably sweet, endearing romance that sweeps you off your feet and leaves you feeling soft and happy by the end of it. Becca Taylor did it AGAIN folks! Finding Memories was just as AMAZING, charming, sexy, appealing and oh so tempting as her previous stories. Jade and Jeremy are such a sweetheart couple. They have chemistry in spades, wonderful personalities and they seemed to I couldn't stop myself from once again falling head over heels for the story!

Other than great romance, you have decadent heat, and just a pinch of heart. It fills my heart with happiness and makes things seem so light. I got lost in this story and I can't ask more than that. Its a good written story with a romantic storyline that is sure to please. 

Finding Memories gets a DECADENT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! 

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