Saturday, August 26, 2017

ARC Review - Wild Thing by Liberty Laine!


I've waited my whole life to catch her. They call her a criminal. A con-woman. A thief and too wild for her own good. But me? I just call her mine. --Officer Nathan Trent. 

He's one of the good guys. Honorable. Reliable. I’ve loved him since we were kids. But there's no way I’ll let my wild ways tarnish his squeaky clean reputation. No matter how badly I wish he was mine. --Tillie Coletrain 

Warning: This novella is chock full of sexy times, ridiculous shenanigans, and surprise weddings. You’re welcome.


A super fast, sexy, funny, wickedly HOT romantic comedy from Liberty Laine! I knew I wanted more from Miss Laine after Jail House Rock, but Wild Thing still surprised me with the laugh out loud humor, the witty banter, the sexy cop, and one sassy heroine! Wild Thing may be fast paced, but it SO doesn't lack in heat and humor and I tell you, I found it to be irresistible.

Liberty Laine is such a quirky, smart, feisty writer and it shows in her stories! I can't help but to smile immediately once starting her stories and Wild Thing just had me laughing right away. And the idea of a gorgeous cop with handcuffs and a sassy as can be heroine...yep, it was a winner! This is just such a fun romance with such incredible characters and a plot you will fall over for. And I will say, I SOOOO kind of have a girl crush on Tillie's BFF, Hannah! So I can't wait to see how Liberty gives her Happily Ever After. 

Wild Thing gets a WILDLY ENTERTAINING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This is one hell of a good time! 

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