Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ARC Review - Finding Reason by Becca Taylor!


Hunter Natoli lives a different lifestyle to that of his friends. His goal has always been to find his perfect match and to build a future with her. After two serious relationships fail, he is ready to throw those plans away and live the single life. 
However, fate has other ideas. 
It brings him one night with Alexia—one night that just isn't enough. He finds that he wants to keep her forever, but she walks away leaving nothing but a note on the bed and a memory that haunts him. 
Work, music and drumming become the only things that keep him grounded while searching for reasons...
Reasons to keep moving forward. 
Reasons to fight for what he wants. 
Reasons to breathe.
Alexia O’Mally's life has been planned out for her since she was a young girl, the words 'be the best' embedded in her brain. All work and no play has given her the career she always wanted, but it leaves no time for a dating life. 
Now, she wants to be free. 
She swears no man will ever tie her down in a relationship... that is until the first time she sees Hunter. There is something about him that she can't seem to resist. 
She gives into a night of temptation, only to walk away out of fear. 
Time away is supposed to make Alexia forget him. Instead, it shows her that the pull to Hunter is too strong... but by the time she realizes her mistake, it may be too late. 
The one man who makes her heart race, giving her a reason to stay, might be out of reach forever. 


A romance that was unexpected between a drummer and a woman that is determined to be better and I have to tell you, this is a stunner of a story! Alexia and Hunter are total opposites but they just..connect BEAUTIFULLY together. The sparks fly, and the passion...oh the passion is SO. Freaking. Hot. I LOVE how incredible the love seemed to blossom with these two! It went from a slow simmer to a roaring boil so fast and it stayed hot, yet incredibly, romantically sweet. 

Becca Taylor knows how to weave a romance. She easily and with flare, seem to keep me sighing and in a dream like state long after I finish her book, and Finding Reason...OMG it just is SOOOO much more! I can't even form words how romantic and pretty this story just is all in a feeling I can't describe, and that HARDLY EVER happens to me! Just DAMN!

Finding Reason gets an INCREDIBLY CHARMING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! You want a read that will continue to feed your inner romantic, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! 

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