Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ARC Review - Clashing Hearts by Fifii Flowers!


Hadley Gentry was nothing like everyone imagined and the funny thing was that she had no idea what people expected as she had not asked to be popular.

Gerard Perry was never given a chance as he was teased and ridiculed from the first day of kindergarten until he graduated from high school and went off to college.

When Gerard comes back to town a new doctor, he runs into one of the people associated with the people he least wanted to see, and when he has the opportunity to rub his success in the face of the Homecoming Queen, he finds that maybe he never really knew Hadley at all.


A brand new story from Fifi Flowers that is sweet, contemporary, with an almost blue collar type of romance that felt all homey and is very realistic. The characters are downright lovable as is the story! I love how utterly....real this romance felt. Tender and sweet, this is the type of romance real life people dream about. I sighed a plenty with Clashing Hearts. From the cover to the story this was a WINNER and I couldn't be more thrilled for this AMAZING new release!

This romance is downright delectable. Soft at heart, dreamy, and full of promise, I feel like this was delivered 100% by Miss Flowers! The characters are really realistic and charming, and full of life. They have depth and are just fantastic. Hadley and Gerard are just the cutest book couple I could imagine and they fit beautifully together. And this cover, I freaking ADORED how well it really seemed to fit the two of them and really adds to the sweetness of the story too.

Clashing Hearts gets a SWEET AS HONEY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This is the one romance that I will easily think of with a warm smile.

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