Saturday, August 12, 2017

Her Panther For Hire by C.E. Black!


When Lainey Nickels hires a shifter mercenary to take on the job of rescuing her abducted brother Shane, she has no idea what she will encounter. It definitely isn't the enigmatic Gideon Hunt. He certainly looks like he could take on a jungle full of kidnappers singlehandedly. But Shane is her brother; her responsibility. Lainey isn't going to leave his fate in just anyone's hands. And she brought her passport to prove it.
Gideon Hunt would rather work alone and he makes damn sure to remind Lainey of this fact every chance he gets. But his predatory stares and gruff demands don't scare off Lainey. She's annoyingly independent, but her bravery draws him in.  She accepts the man behind the brusque exterior and knows exactly who and what he is. To Lainey, he is one of the good guys. But Gideon knows better.
Stress and a need for comfort bring the two together in an explosion of passion, reawakening desires both had long forgotten. Neither expected their hearts to get involved.


A harlequin type romance with a paranormal twist that is hands down, sexy, thrilling, and oh so seductive! Her Panther For Hire was full of action from chapter one on. And dealing with C.E. Black's compelling shifters left my heart fluttering wildly. This is sexy, sizzling, and wildly, heart-thumping entertaining! C.E. Black gave me a ride through a romance that was perfectly balanced with romance and action-packed suspense! You can't get better than this!

Her Panther For Hire has such a gorgeous, almost swoon worthy cover. And Gideon and Lainey are so combustible and have perfect chemistry. Gideon's scowls, sexy growls, even his irritation and temper are alpha and sexy as heck. Lainey she is independent, beautiful, smart, and doesn't let fear get in her way. When you put these two together amazing satisfying sparks fly and the passion is undeniable. So. Freaking. Good.

Her Panther For Hire gets a SEXY AND EDGY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Can I get more please? 

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