Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ARC Review - Undeniable Lover by Rosalie Redd!


The first rule of warfare - don’t fall in love with your enemy.

Loyal to a fault, shape-shifting Lemurian warrior Saar will do anything for his king and sports a horrific scar across his face to prove it. Shunned by females of his own kind due to his gruesome features, he swore off intimate relationships long ago. When he rescues his sworn enemy from certain death, he must decide between his loyalty to his best friend or the female that has clawed her way into his heart.

Bear shape-shifter Kaelyn keeps males at arm’s length as those she loves tend to die. To complicate matters, she now works for the enemy she once despised. When she encounters the sexy male warrior she fought on the battlefield, she’s drawn to him for all the wrong reasons and must fight her desire for him if either is to survive.


I wasn't expecting such a unique enemies to lovers story that was so tempting, sexy, sizzling, with AMAZING action! I was completely taken with Undeniable Lover! I have read many enemies to Lovers romances but nothing prepared me for THIS particular one. Saar surprised me in THE BEST way. Once he decided to claim Kaelyn, he went from despising her to needing to protect and care for her. And Kaelyn was no slouch either. Tough, sassy, smart and feisty, she felt like the ULTIMATE match for Saar. 

The passion and romance was So....SOOOO GOOD! I could feel the delicious tension throughout the story and it was so compelling. What started out as a hate turned into smoldering, sweet, and super sexy romance that was empowering and downright AMAZING! I freaking ADORED this story!

Undeniable Lover gets an UNDENIABLY GOOD FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Breathtaking, unique, and a real eye opener...I could read this again RIGHT now!

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